What is VRAYU?

VRAYU (a play upon words, which means ‘VR Paradise’ in Russian) is the first in Russia virtual reality club for adults.

What can one do in VRAYU?

VRAYU offers many options, so you can:

  • Watch movies in 18+ virtual reality. The viewer has the full impression that it is he or she who is the main character of the film!
  • Play games in virtual reality for adults (only in the club!): try to undress a virtual Japanese girl, spank a witch or become a slave in a Gothic castle where you need to complete the quest.
  • Enjoy classic VR games: cut flying fruits from Fruit Ninja VR or dancing cubes in Beat Saber VR with your swords, feel like an astronaut, an archaeologist or a fighter with zombies and much more!

All this was made possible thanks to the special VR equipment with 4K-Ultra HD resolution, innovative sensitive controllers and a catalogue of more than 1,000 videos and games.

Customers can either visit the club or order a home delivery of VR headsets with the access to 18+ content.

Why do people use VRAYU instead of just having sex?

You can do whatever you want in virtual reality – even such things which you cannot afford or you are afraid to do in the real world.

A man may try to play with, for example, an American/Russian sexy black spy; with three, four girls; he can even try what it is like being a gay.

A woman may find herself at a party where a few handsome guys are trying to get her attention. She can try it with a person of another sex, with a few guys, she can try very hardcore sex as well.

You can have totally another body! You can become a woman, if you are a man, or feel as a man, if you are a woman!

What is more, it really looks like – and feels like – it’s happening in the real world. So you are inside the scene, inside another world.

How to reinforce the effect from VR with some physical sensations?

We have a few sex toys, most of them are from Japan. If you want, you can buy them and use during the process.

What companies do we cooperate with in terms of the content?

Main partners are VR Bangers and BaDoinkVR.

VR for adults
Visit a club 30 minutes - 1000 rubles ($16 USD)
Visit a club 60 minutes - 2000 rubles ($31 USD)
Order home/hotel delivery - 3390 rubles ($53 USD), we also take security deposit (15,000 rubles/$230 USD), which we return after getting the headset back
Sex toys - from 700 rubles ($11 USD) and more