The hottest franchise which can be opened even by a blonde!

VR-club where in addition to the classic games have adult content and service rental of VR-content on the house
Анна Райская
What is VRAYU:
Wonderful sensations
Full immersion
Secret desire
The maximum effect of being in your fantasies.
Be careful! May be you will not return to reality ;)
Everything you've ever dreamed about is possible.
Opening a branch for delivery
Options franchise
Choose a suitable format for you
The use of the brand MKAU (trademark and logo was)
2 VR-helmets and their settings.
Helmet models are subject to change.
Purchase and download content.
Access to the content database (3 months).
Launch of the initial advertising campaign (1 month).
On-the-job training (1 week).
Online and offline marketing (1 month).
Opening of VR-club
The use of the brand VRAYU (trademark and logo was)
Equipment, including 4 VR helmets, and their customization. Helmet models are subject to change.
Selection of premises and consultation before opening.
Preliminary project of VR-club.
Purchase and download content.
Development of advertising layouts.
Documentation for internal work.
Create and configure Internet resources.
Launch of the initial advertising campaign.
Consultations on any questions.
Connecting and configuring the CRM system.
Access to the knowledge Base.
Support of all necessary specialists (designer, marketer, accountant, lawyer, IT and so on).
Training materials for managers and administrators.
Learning by doing.
Base contractors.
Online and offline marketing.
Leave a request and get a payback plan for the franchise
Media coverage
Read the articles about our project in the media!
VR-clubs VRAYU
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